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About Temperature Specialists, Inc.

Temperature Specialists BuildingTemperature Specialists, lnc. was founded in 1977 by current owner Mr. Robert 0' Brien. Currently residing in the city of St. Francis, MN, we occupy our 10,000 square foot building. We specialize in wire wound glass coated Resistance Temperature detectors (RTDs). The types of RTD's include Copper, Platinum, Nickel and Nickel-Iron as the sensing materials and are manufactured in any size and resistance values, and can match special resistance curves. In addition to RTDs, we specialize in manufacturing Thermocouple assemblies that range from large thermowell styles to very fine wire diameters (.0005"). These assembles can be used to measure in the smallest areas with very fast time responses to temperature changes. We also do special assembly, miniature welding, molding of plastic parts and manufacture custom Hot Wire Anemometers.

We strive to keep our company built on quality, delivery, service and customer satisfaction. We have chosen to keep our company growth at a controlled rate so there is no sacrifice in services to our customers.

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