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Temperature sensors for process control or energy management can require the use of heavier duty assemblies that include thermowells, electrical connection heads and extensions between them to go through insulation around the process that is being measured. Thermowells are used to protect the temperature sensors from high pressures, chemicals, gases or to allow the replacement of the sensor without disturbing the process it is installed in.

Electrical connection heads are available in many types of materials: Aluminum, Cast iron, Plastics, Delrin and Stainless Steel. The different materials allow them to be used in a wide variety of environments and the type of construction allows them to be used in even the most hazardous locations.

The sensors can be mounted inside these assemblies in two ways, with a fixed length or spring loaded. The spring loaded design pushes the tip of the sensor firmly against the bottom of the thermowell increasing the accuracy and reducing the thermal response time of the measurement. The tip of the sensor in contact with the bottom can have a copper insert placed in it to further increase the thermal transfer to the sensor. In applications that do not require the use of a thermowell usually will have a male process thread used to mount the assembly and can have a connection head connected or just extension lead wires for the termination.

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