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Sensors used in the plastic industry can be used to measure temperatures on molds, dies, ovens, liquids, gases and surfaces. Bayonet style spring loaded mounting is used to allow quick release of the sensor and for good thermal contact to the bottom of a hole to measure internal temperatures. We have designs that allow for adjustable lengths of the bayonet cap to allow for varying depths of holes which helps to reduce inventory of parts. We have a special adjustable length and bendable sheath assembly that works well in tight spaces on extruders.

Melt Bolt assemblies are designed to allow the temperature sensor to be inserted into the melt stream on molding or extruding machines to get the most accurate measurement of the product temperature. The smaller threads of the nozzle assemblies allow the sensor to be mounted onto the molding machine nozzle to measure the temperature of the plastic as it exits. All three types of temperature sensors can be used inside the melt bolt and nozzle assemblies, RTD's, Thermistors and Thermocouples.

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